Video Sneak Peak at: Houston’s Permaculture Scene

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I interviewed green architect Shawn McFarland about permaculture in Houston. My expectation was that we’d have a chat about gardening technique, but I was mistaken. Her take: Permaculture is so much more than gardening. Here’s a sneak peak:

In the video, I ask Shawn McFarland what permaculture is.
Here is her answer:

Permaculture is the two words “Permanent” and “agriculture”. It’s a design system for creating human habitat using nature as a model.

When I probe if you could call permaculture a design philosophy that sets out to create sustainable human settlement, she replies:

Yes, but you can apply that to a business plan or you can apply that to a backyard garden or you can apply that to a city, a town, or just the way to choose to live your life. You can apply it to a lot of different applications.

Would you like to see how permaculture might apply to life in Houston? Check out the full podcast episode “Houston’s Permaculture Scene”.

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